AAM Systems

111250, Russia, Moscow, 14, Krasnokazarmennaya str.
Phone number
+7 (495) 9212227
About company
Software development for integrated security systems. Distribution of security products, training, consulting. • LyriX, APACS 3000, APACS Bio - software solutions for integrated security systems (developed by AAM Systems, Russia); • APOLLO (USA), HID Global (USA) - access control and alarm monitoring systems; • HID Global (USA), Farpointe (USA) - proximity & smart readers & tags; • NEDAP IS (Netherlands) - long range RFID (radio frequency identification) readers & tags; • VICON (USA) - closed circuit television; • GUNNEBO (Sweden, Italy, UK) - tripod and full-height turnstiles, motorised passageways; • Magicard (UK) - card printers; • Brady People ID (USA) - Id accessories: badge clips, reels, loops, holders; • ELKA (Germany) - gate and door automation products; • SCHLAGE (USA), Morpho /Safran/ (France), Suprema Inc. (South Korea), TBS (Switzerland) - biometric readers.
AAM Systems, LyriX, APACS 3000, APACS Bio, HID Global, NEDAP IS, Farpointe, VICON, GUNNEBO, Magicard, Brady People ID, SCHLAGE, Suprema Inc, ELKA, Morpho (Safran)