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The 25th International exhibition of security and fire protection equipment and products
19-22 March 2019 • Moscow, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Pavilions 2, 8

2015 Entries

1. Security alarms

1. Rif Patrol guard patrol system from Altonika SB

2. Strelets Pro alarm and personal alert from Argus-Spectre

3. Gran RK rapid-response radio detector from RIELTA and the Department of Finance of the Scientific and Research Centre for Security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

4. Nord GSM from C Nord

5. Safeguard alarms for special operations services from Sovremmeniye Sistemy Ograzhdeniya

6. VOLNA ALFA fibre-optic distributed security system from Unique Fibre Devices

2. Control and access management systems

1. LyriX - GHOST 2.0 software from AAM Systems

2. BMSB wireless security system from Vektor

3. MOBOTIX T25 smart IP system video intercom with 5mp panoramic camera from MOBOTIX AG

4. BioSmart PV family of biometric palm readers from Prosoft-Biometriks

5. iCLASS SE® multi-technology readers with Twist & Go function for mobile devices from HID Global

3. Security television and video surveillance systems

1. IP Camera with built in media streaming server from IP Eye

2. AXIS Q6000-E video camera from Axis Communications

3. PTR-406 increased precision turning device from Bic Inform

4. AHD2.0 video surveillance system and specialised remote workstation from DEAN Security

5. MyActiveCam video surveillance cameras with personal designs from DSSL

6. STR-HD0416/1616, REAL-TIME 4/16-channel DVRs from Smartec Security

7. VideoNET security system from Skyros

8. WD Purple new line of hard drives designed for video surveillance systems for the first time with a capacity of 6 TB from Western Digital

9. ST HDVR-161 TVI PRO from Kity

4. Integrated security systems

1. TRASSIR Cloud professional cloud system from DSSL

2. Alphalogic® PSIM from AlphaOpen

3. Time Compressor Technology from ITV Group

4. WAGNER combined solution for fire protection from Wagner RU

5. TMSB telemetric security systems from Vektor

5. Information security products

1. VARIANT automated circuit from Decima

2. PO Gamma Potok from Pozharnaya Avtomatika Servis

3. RU BLUES from Sistemservis

6. Fire alarms and security

1. AVENAR detector 4000 IPDOT optoelectronic smoke detector from Robert Bosch

2. OxyReduct® VPSA automatic fire prevention system from Wagner RU

3. FIREPROFF fire resistant plastic systems from Potok Trubnaya Kompaniya

4. Yauza Pu Ex receiving, controlling and managing device from RIELTA

5. Garant R wireless AUP as multi-point fire detector from Eternis

6. TUNGUS 24 powder fire extinguisher (MPP(N-A-T1)-24-KD1-GE-U2) enforcement for protecting moving vehicles from Istochnik+

7. A new generation of smoke detectors from Metrospetstekhnika

8. M-Line mobile fire extinguisher from Pozhtekhnika

9. Uragan mobile gas fire from Sibirskiy Proyekt

10. Fire-resistant silicone elastomers and compounds using them from Tsentr Yadernoye Priborostroyeniye