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The 25th International exhibition of security and fire protection equipment and products
19-22 March 2019 • Moscow, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Pavilions 2, 8

Conditions for entering

Conditions for entering

The closing date for the competition is 25 January 2016. No more than 2 products may be entered by a company, one category per product (please see exhibitor manual, form M6).

The closing date for presentations on the product (in Russian) is 10 February 2016, strictly with a form indicating the main distributor.

Please send the presentations by email to vinogradova@ite-expo.ru

To accompany your presentation please deliver video footage on a USB drive of no more than 10 minutes explaining the product to the organisers’ office in the format of

  • A slide show with sound
  • Video material with sound
  • Other material illustrating the innovations of the product

All entries (company name and product name) will appear on the exhibition website in the relevant section as they become available.

Hearings for the presentations will take place in two stages:

  • For exhibitors with representatives in Moscow – 1-2 March 2016*
  • For exhibitors outside of Moscow – 14 March 2016**

*For exhibitors with representatives in Moscow, a hearing of the presentations will take place on 1-2 March at the ITE office: 6th floor, Chaika-Plaza Business Centre, d. 15, str.1, Zubarev Pereulok, Moscow. The time and date of the presentations will be announced separately to each entrant.

**For exhibitors without a representative in Moscow, a hearing of the presentations will take place on the first day of the exhibition – 14 March in the conference hall of Expocentre.

All entrants should be prepared to give a short presentation (10 minutes) involving visual or video material and answer questions from the jury.

The winners will be announced on the first day of the exhibition - 14 March 2016.

The place and time of the award ceremony will be announced separately.

Recommendations for preparing the product presentation:

Note 1.

A slight change in an individual or a series of characteristics such as price, size, weight, design, reliability, strength, or other well-known ways to process a signal are not considered as innovative characteristics if they do not provide a significant change in the properties of the product.

  • Please acquaint yourself with the competition categories to decide which category to enter you product in
  • When applying, please stick to the existing forms. Statements should be concise and informative
  • Clearly define what it is about the product that is innovative (as a rule, the whole product can rarely be defined as an innovation, rather a component, function or purpose is usually an innovation)
  • When presenting, please prepare your points on the innovations of your product in advance. Consider what sets your product apart from its counterparts and list them in bullet points
  • Prepare additional material to help illustrate your presentation (slides, videos etc.)
  • We recommend you time your presentation so that it does not last more than 10 minutes
  • Please be prepared to answer additional questions from the jury about your business, its products and their innovations
  • For any questions, please contact the organisers

Note 2.

The jury recommend using the following material as an example for preparing you presentation

  • Watch Argus-Spectre’s presentation
  • Watch Western Digital’s presentation