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Ex-Sight Launches Next Generation of Driver Vision Enhancement System

Tirat Carmel, Israel, December, 2015


"Our OEM customers were looking for unique solutions which standard off-the-shelf products could not comply with. After long-term research and development, we came up with SAFEDRIVE-the driver's vision enhancement system", said Mr. Tomer Dadon, CEO of Ex-Sight. "Our experience over the last decade has proved the necessity of adjusting our standard off-the-shelf solutions to the customers' installation requirements.  Today,  we have created a universal and flexible OEM DVE kit for fast and easy installation on military, police, and other heavy duty types of vehicles", he explained.

The system features a unique combination of Uncooled Thermal camera and Wide Angle CCD camera. On customer demand, we offer 3 types of thermal resolutions,  including  640x512 17nm, as well as a variety of lens diameters and cable lengths. Most importantly, using a 12VDC input power source, SAFEDRIVE is compatible with most monitors or displays, saving the need for external electric units.

Mil-STD connectors and IP67 enclosures make the system fit for harsh environment applications requiring 24/7 control. In addition, SAFEDRIVE's  9" quad display allows the operator to monitor up to 4 video channels at a time for full situational awareness. With optional recording and video analytics capabilities embedded in VMDBOX, SAFEDRIVE meets the most demanding mission-driven criteria.

SAFEDRIVE. See without being seen.
SAFEDRIVE is Thermal and Day Imaging For Driver's Vision Enhancement and Increased Situational Awareness.

Driving through a hostile territory involves such challenges, as orientation in unknown terrain, staying focused on mission-critical tasks and instantly reacting to threats. These mission goals greatly depend on high visibility. However, driving with headlights on poses a serious threat for a driver and his crew, as the vehicle can be easily spotted by the enemy. Still, when advancing into a hostile zone, the driver must be able to see ahead, especially in complex missions incorporating ground forces. At the same time, driving with lights off incurs a constant danger of collision with allied forces.

SAFEDRIVE was designed to meet mission-related requirements without compromising driver's safety. The system is based on Dual Sensor technology providing day and thermal video monitoring in parallel. This ensures that the driver will reach his destination even through the night, or driving with a with a shattered windscreen. The system produces superior images in total darkness, through fog, dust and smoke. Installed on armoured vehicles, SAFEDRIVE enables the driver to see clearly and retain situational awareness without being detected.

helps you prevent the next rollover

"60% of the MRAP accidents happened,  were due to rollovers caused by bad roads, weak bridges, or driver error. In many of the rollovers, troops were injured, and in two separate incidents five soldiers have been killed by rolling over into a canal and getting trapped under water. The report said 75% of all rollovers occurred in rural areas often where roads are above grade with an adjacent ditch or canal. " (Marine Corps Center for Lessons Learned).

A catastrophe can only be avoided if a driver can see through "blind areas" and detect obstacles before they come into sight. To steeply enhance driver vision, we have created SAFEDRIVE-a powerful DUAL SENSOR vision system for perfect orientation in total darkness and in harsh terrain. With SAFEDRIVE, you are no longer bounded by your field of view or poor visibility. Its “Drive by Video” capability ensures safe off-road driving and full situational awareness in high risk zones.

Bulletproof and smashed. Direct path to crash.
We all understand the importance of bulletproof glass in armored vehicles,But are we aware of the next problem might appear when someone press the trigger? Well, bulletproof glasses tend to smash into a lot of small pieces holding together, preventing from us to see where we're driving. Loosing the sight, might be not less dangerous then the bullet hit. How it can be solved?In order to provide day & night support for smashed front window, we developed SAFEDRIVE; Dual sensor camera, providing clear image, during day and night with a similar field of view provided by human eyes.


Tactical Embedded Video Footage: Investigating a failure or documenting the successite Title

Military services face multiple challenges in meeting the high levels of training required for operational excellence and mission success.
Enhanced training does not require the services to embark on radically new programs but rather to build on current training investments with proven learning techniques and technologies. Using the latest video footage technology, Thermal and Day vision sensors can provide improved training feedback, for real or imagined scenarios. The multiple fused recorded videos generate a multi-dimensional puzzle which reflects the performance of the trained land forces.  This is the Enhanced Training for a 21st-Century Military. Recorded video footage increases the awareness and personal performance of the human factors during and after the tactical operations. In addition, video recording provides different vantage points on the same terrain allowing the operator to analyze the reasons for failure or success. Another aspect of the video footage is SAFETY. Embedded Day & Thermal sensors enhance vision capabilities of the forces by allowing clear sight during 24/7 and all-weather. This enhancement helps to prevent accidents between the friendly forces.