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Russian state spent 8.6 billion RUB on road camera infrastructure in first half of year

Since the start of 2016, a total of 8.59 billion roubles was spent in the Russian regions on purchasing, installing and maintaining photographic and video recording systems to tackle traffic violations, according to research carried out by analysts Innovative Search Technologies. This is significantly higher than in 2015, whereby 4.6 billion roubles was spent on these technologies for the whole year.

The largest spend was on mega-tenders in large cities where several hundred cameras were either bought or least at a time; just one video surveillance and photo system in the capital costs 1.8 billion roubles. Other major costs were tenders in the Nizhny Novgorod and Tatarstan regions, which cost 300 million roubles and 110 million roubles, respectively. 

Maintenance costs are also increasing as the number of surveillance systems are expanded and old systems are upgraded. reports that despite the economic crisis, many regions are still investing in camera surveillance systems as fines from traffic violations can be paid by offenders

More quickly. However, profitability has fallen as the cameras cause drivers to be more cautious. Of course, this is an advantage – protecting life and increasing safety is also the responsibility of the state.

The surveillance system has not been positively welcomed in all regions. In March 2016, residents of Chita held a demonstration to protest against the introduction of the new surveillance systems, whilst protesters in Murmansk were in favour of abolishing the 900 million expenditure. 

Reference: Translated from,6-mlrd