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First drone based road surveillance projects in South Russia

Police in Stavropol Krai have begun using government drones to monitor traffic incidents. The drones are equipped with modern video recording devices that can carry out surveillance at any time of day or night, as well as identify vehicle registration numbers.

“Our drones contain thermal imagers that recognise license plates. Different colours have different heat absorption, which makes identification easier even in low light. Some drones are capable of flying longer than a day, however, due to the additional thermal image detection function, these drones need additional charging every half hour or so,” Fyodor Loginov, specialist at Dronstroy told Rubezh magazine.

Within a few minutes of being in the air it recorded a vehicle driving on the hard shoulder and a a driver illegally overtaking. Information about these violations are transmitted in real time, allowing the police to respond to changing traffic conditions more quickly. 

In an official statement, the Russian Ministry of Interior called the trial a success. The statement also announced that the Stavropol traffic police is already planning to introduce the drones to monitor the Kavkaz highway and dangerous sections of roads in the area.

Drones have previously been used on the P-402 road from Tyumen to Omsk in winter 2015.

Reference: Translated from http://ru-bezh.ru/news/2016/09/21/za-dorogami-stavropolya-budut-sledit-dronyi