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The 26th International exhibition of security and fire protection equipment and products
13-16 April 2020 • Crocus Expo, Moscow

Russian security market update October 2018

Our eagle eyes are forever fixed on Russia’s constantly evolving security and fire protection market. This month, they’ve picked up some interesting stories, including a nationwide airport upgrade programme, an IQ test for Russian cities and how data collection is holding back the Russian smart city revolution.
Russian security market update October 2018

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Russian security market news roundup


65 Russian regional airports to be reconstructed

During the runup to the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Russian authorities spent a great deal of time and money upgrading international airports. Now, it’s domestic facilities that will be on the receiving end of an extensive overhaul.
According to Rosaviatsia, the Federal Air Transport Agency, 65 regional airports will be reconstructed between now and 2024. Of that total, 38 will be in the Far East, a region earmarked for extensive development.
So far, $2.5bn has been allocated for this countrywide task. The end goal is to improve domestic airports share of internal flights to 50%. At present, inter-regional flights are using Moscow as a hub – inconvenient in a country with a surface area greater than some celestial bodies.
As well as increased passenger traffic, this new initiative points towards a deeper need for airport security technology, like luggage scanners, CCTV, and potentially biometric software.

An IQ test for Russian cities is underway

The Russian Ministry of Construction of Russia is currently testing how intelligent its cities are; not the people, but the technology and systems in use in major metropolises. By December, it hopes to submit a draft rating of high-to-low IQ cities.
The chief ranking component will be the degree of technologies involved for communal infrastructure, i.e. public wi-fi and internet security, digital transportation systems, transport security, and so on.
The idea is to identify which cities and urban areas are lacking in intelligent technology application. It is hoped the list will help stimulate adoption of such technologies by regional authorities and urban councils.
However, there are some problems holding back Russian cities from becoming truly smart…

Data collection bottlenecks halting Russian smart cities progress

Deputy Minister of Construction Andrey Chibis has pointed out a thorny issue facing Russia’s full development of smart cities: data collection.
Reporting on a meeting held by Ministers and Vice-Governors involved in digitisation projects in Nizhny Novgorod in September 2018, Mr Chibis said: “At this stage, the biggest bottleneck retarding development is limitations in the collection and processing of data. This is the basic problem everyone faces.”
The Minister noted that, gradually, work is being done by regional project teams on improving data collection. This includes close collaboration with IT engineers, as well as architects and building services.
A big takeaway from this is that Russia is currently lacking in the systems it needs to capture data in its cities, whether that’s CCTV footage, vehicle traffic, or everything in between. The opportunities abound for such service providers in Russia, especially as the nation endeavours to transform its urban spaces into digital frontiers.

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