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The 26th International exhibition of security and fire protection equipment and products
13-16 April 2020 • Crocus Expo, Moscow

Travel and accommodation

Ensure your Russian visa application process runs smoothly


Our travel partners CTMS can handle every visa and travel-related aspect of your trip to Moscow.

They will take you through the process of getting you and your colleagues to Moscow, including visa applications and hotel bookings.

Avoid any hidden visa issues by getting in touch with CTMS here but let us know if you cannot reach CTMS

visas.uk@ctmstravel.com for Visa Assistance
exhibitor.uk@ctmstravel.com for Flights & Accommodation

or, to speak with an adviser on +44 20 7421 0001

Important Reminder for Business Visa Application & Visa Invitation Letters!
Russian visa needs time!

ITE cannot provide visa invitation letters!

Plan your business trip to Securika Moscow exhibition!

We are, organizators team together with our partner – Travelmart company, pleased to announce that we provide 360 degrees visa support to all our guests.*

Please apply if you do need visa support service and we will contact you shortly.

Please mention that all visa applications for Russia take time (approximately 6+ weeks depending on the country you are based).




Make your trip even more memorable by discovering the plenty of attractions Moscow has to offer. Here are some of our most see places:

> The famous Red Square
> St. Basil Cathedral
>The Kremlin
>Art in the Moscow Metro
>Bolshoi Theatre
>Tretyakov Gallery
>The Pushkin State Museum of fine arts